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Psychiatrists are medical doctors with an MBBS degree, specialised in treating people with mental health issues. They are uniquely qualified to identify and assess mental & physical aspects of the psychological disorder. They can treat patients with medications & psychotherapy.

Psychologists are mental health professionals with a degree in clinical psychology. They are not medical doctors but are trained to treat patients through various therapies. However, they do not prescribe medications or treat physical illnesses.

Therapy is a fine art of asking directive questions. Here are some of the typical questions your psychotherapist may ask you to understand the problem at hand.

  • What brings you here?
  • What is the problem from your perspective?
  • How does the problem make you feel?
  • What do you think would things better?
  • What do you expect from the counselling process?

Each individual is different and the length of treatment depends on individual needs & circumstances. In general, if a client is in a crisis, the therapist would recommend weekly meetings until the crisis is past and monthly meetings after that. It depends on the client’s choice and what is in their best interests.

Weekly sessions help you make steady, gradual progress and measure the results. In some cases, two sessions per week may be necessary depending on the circumstances & needs of the client.

It is part of a psychotherapists’s professional code of ethics to maintain a patient’s privacy. At Mindgram, we take confidentiality of our patients seriously and do not violate it under any circumstances.